What FCS Fins are best for me?

Changing your fins is one of the quickest & easiest ways to improve the performance of your board, & increase your surf stoke!

A great place to start is the FCS FIN FINDER

Finding the correct size fin based on your weight:
  • X-SMALL  under 55kg /120lbs
  • SMALL  55-70kg / 120-155lbs
  • MEDIUM  65-80kg / 145-175lbs
  • LARGE  75-90kg / 165-200lbs
  • X-LARGE  over 85kg / 190lbs

The next step is understanding the materials FCS fins are constructed of:

FCS Fin materials explained

Neo Glass
Lightweight, moulded fiberglass construction delivering pro standard performance. The high fiberglass content makes these fins stiff and responsive, and the engineered foils provide a consistent feel in a range of different conditions.

Performance Core Carbon (PCC)
Performance Core construction with hand laid carbon fiber designed to deliver controlled flex and enhanced base stiffness.

Performance Core (PC)
Performance Core material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process produces a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, a smooth feel and an impressive aesthetic.

Performance Glass (PG)
Performance Glass material characteristics and flex pattern are identical to traditional fibreglass fins offering a stiff base with subtle responsive tip flex, amazing aesthetics and proven durability. PG fins are the perfect transition fin for surfers moving from fixed fins to the convenience, accuracy and performance of FCS.

Ultra Light (UL)
Ultra Light was developed by FCS to create the lightest possible fin with suprerior flex properties while ensuring strength and foil accuracy. By minimising weight without sacrificing response of flex and strength. Utra-Light Epoxy is our lead construction process delivering the ultimate in performance.

Glass Flex (GF)
Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of hand layed fibreglass. It's advantages over other composite fin materials include stiffness, a more positive flex pattern (nice tip flex, little base flex) and remarkable flex memory. The precision of the injection moulding process ensures the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced.

Need a bit more info?
We have created a 'Guide to FCS Fins' which explains the impact of different features on FCS Fins.

If you get stuck you can always EMAIL US (use the link on the right hand side).
Please include the following so that we can make a recommendation:
  • Board type (size, width, tail)
  • Your weight
  • Your level of surfing ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • What you are looking to achieve in a fin (eg: more speed / greater hold in the face when taking off etc)
  • Fin setup (tri, quad, tri-quad, single fin longboard etc)
  • The current fins you have in your board
We do our best to respond to all fin questions, but during busy periods it may take us a day or two to respond.

It's really all up to experimentation and seeing what works best for your surfing style. Try a few different combinations, see how your board behaves differently during each surf, and most importantly ....have fun!

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